About Warburton Parish

Warburton Parish Council in the Borough of Trafford.

Warburton’s church and priory of St Werburgh is recognised as one of Manchester’s key medieval sites. It is also the oldest standing building in Trafford.

The old church is preserved, but not regularly used now. A decision to build a new church was made in the early 1880s, with the replacement, also called St Werburgh’s and located on Bent Lane, being built 1883-85 and dedicated in 1885).

A medieval priory is known to have existed circa 1187-1270, occupied by monks of the order of St Norbert. It isn’t known why the order was shut down – perhaps lax discipline – but the site then became a church in 1270/71.

Part of the old timber-framed Saxon building can still be made out – if you are sharp-eyed – in the north wall of the church. It was rebuilt in the 12th century and also has a Tudor font and a Jacobean altar and pulpit, not to mention the five former Rectors buried under the chancel floor.

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A map of Warburton Parish