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Partington Parish Council in the Borough of Trafford.

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Partington found its way into the history books in the 10th century when a Dane with the unlikely name of Cythric Silkybeard led an army of Vikings up the River Mersey and, according to Anglo-Saxon records, slayed about 20 Partington citizens.

In the 13th century there was a Norbertine monastery in nearby Warburton. The ghost of a monk is supposed to haunt the passages of the old Rectory. It is said that a burial site for the monks lies beneath a mound east of Bluebell Woods – hence its name, Coroner’s Woods.

For hundreds of years, Partington was a farming community, but 19th-century industrialisation transformed the area, as it did much of the North West. In 1871 the population almost doubled, with most of the influx of newcomers being employed in trade rather than agriculture.

A paper mill was built on the bank of the River Bollin, using the river flow to power its waterwheels. The area around the mill became the centre of local industry.

Change on a big scale arrived again in the 20th century, which saw the country village transformed into a modern township.

A map of Partington Parish