About Dunham Massey Parish

The Parish of Dunham Massey takes its name from the Norman baron Hamo de Mascy, who took over the lordship of Dunham, Bowdon and Hale from the Saxon Alfward. There are traces of an early motte and bailey castle near the River Bollin, just outside the present park walls, where Hamo's residence may have been situated.

Dunham Massey Hall is Trafford's stately home. It dates from the Tudor period, but all trace of the original house is now masked by the early 18th-century red brick building ranged around two inner courtyards. In 1938, Emperor Haile Selassie visited and as a result, the hall is a holy place for Rastafarians, who consider the emperor to be the head of their religion.

A Map of Dunham Massey